Portable Sitting and Sleeping Gear for camping

Everyday bustle makes our life boring. For this it is more enjoyable to go camping in solitude, outside the hustle and bustle of the city than to go on a weekend tour. But not everyone has the habit of sleeping in a tent. Moreover, there is a possibility of being bitten by mosquitoes and other insects. At the same time, we need some things that are difficult to carry. Here are some useful gadgets to solve these problems. 

1. Sitpack campster

Sitpack Campster

In camping. We cannot carry furniture's because we are not shifting somewhere. Camping is just for recreation and relaxing. But for seating, we need something must. And that's why this gadget has been invented.
This portable chair is much strong and Comfortable.


This folding chairs weight is 940 gram only and can carry 130 kilogram maximum. This will not sink in sand.
So carrying this in camping or traveling will not much hard.


2. Disc-O-Bed 


While you go for camping, this is not a day tour that you will come back home before night.
So , you must need a comfortable bed for sleep. The carrying of bed for camping is not possible, but with this gadget, this is now possible.

This is portable. You can carry with your transport or a vehicle, Have extra space also to keep something you can use mosquito net to stay safe from mosquito and other insects. So why you are waiting for ??


3.  Tentsile Trillium XL

In camping time, we are searching for recreation and relaxing time. With this thing, you can relax with your family together. 

This is not for sleep in night due to safety issue, but in daytime you can lie down here to browse internet via mobile, reading a book or daytime sleep. Just tie the hooks with 3 tress which is in 3 direction.

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