Necessity of daily life routines

PC :
A boat without oarsman, Can reach in shore ? 
No ?
Yeah That's true . So without a daily routine out life is also same . 
For achievement to your target, you need a daily life routine must.

One of my friend have target for earn lots of money , He is a very skilled digital marketer .
And He tried hard and soul for achieve his target .
He Achieved That !!!
But Actually when he working for achieve his target, he forgot that " Health is wealth " .
Now he became sick. Waist Pain ,  Eye Problem , High Blood Pressure and Diabetes also :(
His Age is only 22 Years old . 

Now he cannot live a healthy and tension free life .
Just because for he has no routine for his daily life .

Most of honorable person have a daily routine and they following their routine everyday .

You can check there's routine in google .

Wake up in early morning is good for health, but many people doing late , that's not a good thing .

So a daily life routine is compulsory for student or serviceman / businessman or all other occupation's people.

And if your life is same as this picture , then be careful from now and make a good routine for your life . Otherwise it could be a situation like my friend.

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