Portable Power Station for Home or Travel

Bluetti ac200p power station

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This is a power station which made by lithium battery and the output is 2000 watt. This is looks similar as power bank for home or a mini generator. This power station can cover your whole house with a heavy electrical devices also includes lights, fan. Charge 17 devices simultaneously.

6* 2000W AC inverter (4800W Surge) & 2000Wh Huge Capacity: The power station AC200P is a power monster. you can have most of high-power appliances charged by AC200P, such as fridge, window air conditioner, hairdryers, microwave oven, coffee maker (Max 2000W), CPAP, heater, electric grill, drill, etc. with an insane 2000Wh of energy storage, AC200P gives you the confidence in any emergency. ensure your families are safe with AC200P during unexpected power outages, meet your various power needs.

In this time, Electric car is a trend, But you can't fill charge in any place to your car. Because electricity is not like any fuel. But with this power station you can charge your car too ! 

Think, While you go for a camping for few days, and This power station got low battery then what should you do ?? There have a option :) You can charge this via solar panel too, not with electricity only.

With this you can do outdoor household works like using electrical saw, drilling grinding. Also, this can be a great device for camping. You can use the wireless charging feature for your smartphone charge. 

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 BLUETTI  AC200P-Large Capacity, High Power.
Keep your equipment running indoors and outdoors.

*2000Wh/2000W Higher Output/Larger Capacity
*17 Output Ports Meet Multiple Devices
*Flexible 5 Recharge Ways
*Smart Touchable Interaction LCD Display
*700W Solar+400W AC Recharge in 2.5-3Hrs
*Dual AC adapter Fast recharge in 3-3.5Hrs
*Smart Touchable Interaction LCD Display
*Eco-friendly/Gas free/Quieter/Cost-effective

*Recharge from AC wall outlet/ Solar panel/Vehicle/Lead-acid battery/Generator 

With more than 10 years of background in the energy industry, Bluetti is committed to providing premium all-in-one sustainable energy solutions for all types of off-grid life.


Credit: bluetti.com

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