Easy Recipe for KFC Chicken

The secret recipe for KFC fried chicken has never been revealed, But We Know Copycat recipe for that. But the recipe is not so easy, Even It also needed some times and many equipment . But there have a very easy recipe for this. With that recipe you can cook chicken like KFC style very easily .
Okay Lets, Start.


1. Chicken Legs with skin . Without skin you can't made like kfc chicken .
2. Flour
3. Salt
4. An Egg , Because i cooked only 2 legs .
5. Garlic Paste
6. Ginger Paste
7. Pepper powder

Ok, now take a mixing bowl for mix egg . Add Salt Must .
Now Add Salt in Flour also.
Marinate those chicken pieces with Garlic and Ginger Paste.

Now Heat your Pan and Add Oil also .
When the oil is hot , decrease heat.
Now Sink the chicken in floor , very lightly.
Now Sink the chicken piece in egg mix and Again Sink in flour , this time not lightly .
Now leave it inside oil .

Now repeat this for all pieces , and wait 12-15 minutes .
And it's Done :D

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