How to Prepare for Camping

We go to camping to spend time happily. To find some relax and recreation. But there have some notable thing what he have to do before camping. Let’s discuss,

·         1. Create your own checklist. You will find lots of checklist in google but you have to make a checklist for your own. What types of thing you need to carry while camping. Because when we go for a camping in wild area or county side then might be there have no shop. If have then not enough. That’s why some daily necessity items need to carry with us. By the way, do not carry excess items. But when you go with your personal vehicle then it’s a different matter from backpacking trip. Some examples of checklist are here.

You can write your own checklist in a page like this,

 This is just an example; you have to make the list with your own necessities.


·         2. Before go to a location for camping, All inquiries about the place should be kept.

·         3. Must use waterproof backpack. This will help you a lot. At this time you can buy anti-theft backpack which is better.

·         4. Be alert with your safety equipment’s from any kind of wild animals.

·         5. Keep photocopy of your passport, visa, identity cards and upload scan copy to your google drive or Dropbox or any type of your private cloud drive storage.

·         6. List of emergency contact info of where you traveling.

·         7. Carry Comfortable Flip Flop Sandals 1 set. But it’s up to you.

·         8. I mentioned about knife on the chart, but try to carry switch army knife. Because that thing have lots of features which can be alternative of lots of tools.

That’s all for a basic preparation of camping. But I’m sure you can make your own plan better. Thanks for being here


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