Lifestraw - The incredible survival kit

In any types of outdoor fun like hiking, camping, trekking, mountain climb we need lots of things for survive. Because we are not going to any resort for camping or no one will open a shop on the top of the hill for us. That’s why time of hiking or camping we need to carry dehydrated foods and water. The Question is how much water you can carry with you??

Suppose a person needs daily 2.5-3.5 litter water. Now you are gonna carry 10-15 litter water in time to hiking or trekking? No way!

This is a survival gadget which will offer you to drink fresh water from any source of water. Lifestraw is a life survival gadget for outdoor recreation. One lifestraw stick can filter 1000 Gallons water maximum. LifeStraw may remove all parasites and bacteria. That mean you can take water from any pond or lake to drink.

Usually when you carrying this thing you do not need to carry extra water. Extra water means much extra, but this is better to carry 1-2 litters with you. Lifestraw gives an instant result, water purifiers take lots of time to filter waters but with this straw when you put it in water one side and suck water from another side you will get filtered water instant.

You can drink water via this gadget when you are in ice, such as Himalaya. Use fire to melt ice to water and then use this to drink the water. It will easily manage you water in everywhere. This is very lightweight, can bring easily in backpack or pocket, no electricity or charge needed. The best thing is this device is available and price is cheap. So everyone can buy this device.

Telling you a funny thing that is this device can manage as much water for you which is you will not get in mineral water bottle in this price. 20-ounce mineral water bottle cost approximately 1.50 USD. And now calculate this things price with 1000 Gallons.

So it saves your life, manage water in any situation, save your money, will save from hassle of carrying mineral water bottle in time of hiking and lots of benefits.

Do you think you need to wait more to think you will buy this or not? This device is trusted, even lots of school children of Rural area of Kenya using this device to drink pure water.

Get it now. The world is being modernized, then why you will stay in primitive ?



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