Ultimate lighting solution in outdoor adventure

The importance of lights for camping has never ended, nor can it be expected to end in the near future.
Today I will introduce you to some lights that is very suitable for all kinds of outdoor adventures. 

Vont 2 Pack LED Camping Lantern


Although this light is mainly for camping, it can be compared to survival gear. And the brightness of the light is extremely, fully portable, effective even during natural disasters. Such as hurricanes, storms, cloudy night, any emergencies or outages. Inside, there are 30 small LEDs that are very bright. And small LED lights set around 360 degrees in a circle around the structure of this light. That is why its lanterns light spreads all around with equal amount of light. The lamp may look heavy, but it is not. It is very light weight. It can be easily placed in any one corner of the backpack. Lightweight doesn’t mean its like a toy. When you take it in your hand then you will feel that how much solid it is.

Since there are handles for hanging, it can be easily hung inside the tent. It has a total of 6 batteries that provide light for a total of 90 hours, which is actually quite a long time.

This lantern has no switch. If so, how is it turned on? Actually it’s made with a folding switch system. When you down the hood then the light will turned off and when you pulled up the hood then this lantern will turn on.

The material of its external structure is a very good kind of material. This is aircraft military grade material. This is why this lantern is not only water resistant also weather resistant too. Even it is so strong that it will not break easily or catch any crack even if it falls or is hit by something. But that doesn’t mean need to check by drop out from your hand. But if accidentally falls then don’t worry, nothing will happen.

So, ultimately this product is much useful for campers. Even useful in rainy camping or wild camping.


This thing has other types of lights too. This is just lantern for tent, but this company have LED torch too. Headlamp LED light also.

Vont LED Tactical Flashlight


When we are in tent then we are okay with lantern but in time of night we can have need to go outside for any reason or natural emergency. Then we can carry led torch with us. This LED torch is also small and portable, weather and water resistant. This will provide lights among 20,000+ hours. This light can focus about 1000 feet and light is very bright. It’s solid but lightweight, possible to carry in pocket like a mobile. This material also aircraft military grade material, that’s why use can even use this underwater. It will not break if a car runs over it. Some hunters use this light with air gun/firearms for its durability.


Vont "Spark" LED Headlamp


LED Headlamp can be used as headband. Sometimes we have to carry others things in our hand or need to use hand for other works. If we need light these times then we can use this light. Quality of Vont is always higher. That’s why no need to say more details about brightness. Some people have in our society, they are interested discover hill tracts. So when you go inside any hill you cannot carry torch in your hand due to other safety things in your hand. This battery is also long lasting and can stay about 90 hours. Useful for mountain riders or night time cycling peoples. This headband light is lightweight, so we will not feel any disturbance while using this in head. So with this light you can make your night time adventure easier than other time.


Some Pros and Cons of this light.


  • Extreme durability and long lasting product.
  • Very lightweight but solid and maximum level of brightness.
  • Lifetime Warranty! Most amazing thing is this have unlimited warranty. All products of vont have lifetime warranty.


  • Works via Battery, cannot charge via solar.


And that’s all about this light. Life is yours, so take your decision wisely. If you want smooth lighting system in time of camping, hiking or trekking then go for it.


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