4 best Slingshots for better hunting experience

A slingshot is a little hand-fueled shot weapon. The exemplary structure comprises of a Y-molded edge held either in the prevailing or non-predominant hand, with two regular elastic strips or cylinders connected to the upper two closures. Different closures of the strips lead back to a pocket that holds the shot.

Record power shot: The world record for the most vivacious shot with a handheld slingshot was 135 Joules (99.57 Foot-pounds). It was shot with a draw-length-expanded slingshot, otherwise called a "starship", which accomplishes more power by expanding draw length. (wiki)

Slingshots are actually used for small types of hunting like rabbit, birds.

It is often used for picking fruit from tall trees. Coconuts can be collected using slingshots as seen in many videos.

However, it is a little difficult to aim. Because it has no scope or telescope. But now there are sophisticated slingshots that don't have to be pulled with a rubber hand to target, much like a crossbow.

There are even common types of scopes. Although simple, it can be changed later with good quality scope.

However, those who are quite skilled can work with all kinds of slingshot. That's why slingshots like manual slingshot and crossbow are being given here. Also some slingshot of best quality.


1. ROCHAN Stainless Slingshot: ROCHAN Stainless Slingshot with Solid Wooden Handle Professional Hunting Sling Shot with 4 Rubber Bands Wrist with Rocket Slingshots for Adults with 280 Ammo. The expert hunting slingshot plan with infrared sight and laser spotlight can assist you with finding the objectives rapidly and precisely. all metal material grown-up slingshot with twofold spring plan and supports elastic groups in high strain, can expand the prompt shooting strength. Attractive compact steel balls holder abbreviates the shooting time and make hunting more straightforward; wrist support outline configuration likewise offers electric lamp, laser light holder device.

2. Piaoyu Slingshot: Piaoyu Slingshot, High-Precision Telescopic Slingshot, High-Power Rubber Band Slingshot and Red Laser Outdoor Hunting Catapult.

This is a simple slingshot. But for some reason it is different from other slingshots. It is fitted with laser light which ensures a perfect target. And it is automatic, meaning you don't have to pull and throw by hand. Works through the trigger. The elasticity of rubber is much better and its velocity is much higher than that of ordinary slingshot due to its large rod.
In a word, it is ordinary to look at, but it is extraordinary in terms of work.


3. Piaoyu Slingshot with Scope: It's a slingshot, but it's just like a crossbow. There are scopes that can be targeted like a sniper. With a fairly large rod and high-strength rubber, the projectile can be thrown far away.

Scope Details: It can zoom in 3-10 times and shoot from a significant distance. Also with red/green light focus, change the red/green brilliance as per the view, there are five sorts of splendor.



COOY Slingshot:  COOY Slingshot,Wrist Sling Rocket Professional Hunting Slingshot with Heavy Duty Launching Bands, High Velocity Catapult. 

This is a traditional slingshot that is commonly seen and can be made at home if you want. There is nothing detailed about it. It is a slingshot connected by 6 erasers, so the projectile throwing capacity is also high. There is a flashlight attached below which can be opened if desired, there are magnets to get extra projectiles or balls stuck. Rubber interchangeable and customized grip can be used.




Warning: slingshot is a common hunting accessory, not a firearm. But due to its high projectile speed, it is capable of causing damage like a firearm. That is why people or animals should not be targeted. It can be use for small hunting, target practice, self defense.

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